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Dialogkonferansen, 8th - 11th September 2024

Dialogkonferansen is the Nordics' largest and most important arena within CRM, AI, personalization and digital marketing. And the most fun!

The conference has a world-class program, with 60 lectures and eight workshops. This year's main themes are AI for marketing and personalisation. We also cover customer journeys, loyalty programs and data-driven communication.

Everything is included in the ticket price; sessions, hotel, meals with and without alcohol. And a fantastic social programme with boat trips, DJ, costume ball, buffet on the terrace at sunset, singing and dancing.

Dialogkonferansen has a new price structure this year. The longer you wait, the higher the price. So sign up now!


The main themes are AI for marketing and personalisation

Dialogkonferansen's two main themes are AI for marketing and personalisation. The AI sessions go in depth, leaving you with valuable expertise and enabling you to do a better job. The personalisation sessions talk about insight-based and analytical personalisation. Dialogkonferansen shows you how to succeed through dozens of super-relevant case studies. In addition, the conference focuses on customer journeys, relevant customer experiences and data-driven communication.

Get 60 lectures and eight workshops from specially selected marketing experts from around the world. They will surely fill your head with good cases, new techniques and inspiration.

Other exciting topics we cover are: digital strategies, use of new technology, martech, content, social media, loyalty programs that work, how to tear down silos and build interdisciplinary teams and branding.

Dialogkonferansen lets you set the bar higher. Bas Kommunikasjon, which is Norway's largest personalised communication company, has organised Dialogkonferansen since 1997.

The program for 2024 is different

Have you been to Dialogkonferansen before? There are big changes. We bring in "digital native", forward-thinking, young speakers who work in world-renowned brands today - and not 20 years ago.

In 2024, we have invited several young rebels as speakers. Those who go their own way and often think new and revolutionary.

We have handpicked many, many people who will talk about AI for marketing - way beyond basic prompting. We guarantee that you will go home with enough fresh knowledge to last until Dialogkonferansen 2025!

Present these arguments to your boss

"I have attended for two years and it’s absolutely the best conference within loyalty in the Nordics" Pernilla Persson, Head of CRM, Ikano Bank

You learn from the best and most relevant people. 90% of those on stage during Dialogkonferansen are like you, except they have already solved the challenges you're facing. Over 50 speakers working in CX/CRM/digital/personalised marketing. They work in industries such as banking, finance, telecoms, retail, entertainment, tourism, e-commerce, groceries, cars, energy, games, media, etc. You will often learn just as much from listening to someone in another industry.

The sessions give you concrete input, tips, cases, tools, solutions, campaigns, strategies, techniques and processes that you can take straight home and use in your reality. Every year we get a lot of feedback fomr participants saying the conference has given them extremely high value.

Dialogkonferansen also has a separate workshop program, which runs over three days. The workshops help you pick up knowledge, insights and expertise to increase your ROI.

Dialogkonferansen is the industry's main arena for networking. You will build a unique and incredibly valuable network. You meet people you can discuss with and learn from - both during the conference and long after.

Dialogkonferansen is an all inclusive conference that covers the entire subject programme, all meals and drinks with/without alcohol, and all social activities until late at night.

Several companies send their entire CRM/marketing department to Dialogkonferansen. And often get a group discount. We provide a free meeting room - the department can add the market meeting to Dialogkonferansen. Many take the opportunity and use Dialogkonferansen as an arena to plan the coming year, gain new insights and discuss with like-minded people.

Dear boss. Let me go to Dialogkonferansen. Even better: join in yourself!

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