What is Dialogkonferansen all about?

Dialogkonferansen, 10th–13th of September 2023

Dialogkonferansen is the Nordic region’s largest conference within CRM, CX and digital marketing.

The conference offers you a world-class program, with 60 lectures and 8 workshops over four days! This year’s main theme is analytical personalization based on insights. We have found speakers from throughout the world, who will provide you with the insights you need to excel in your work, today and beyond.

In addition we’ll cover topics such as personalised customer journeys, loyalty programmes, relevant customer experiences and data-driven communication. This is what matters most to Nordic marketers these days.

Dialogkonferansen is unique and totally different from any other conference you’ve attended. Everything is included in your ticket – the extensive programme, hotels, meals and even drinks. You will also get an amazing social programme that no other conference in the world can match. And no – we are not exaggerating! The conference has been sold out every year since 2013. Remember – the best rooms go first. Sign up now!

What will you learn at Dialogkonferansen?

The main theme at Dialogkonferansen is personalization. And we’re talking about personalization based on insights and analytics – not on gut feeling. We all strive towards deep personalization, but few succeed. Dialogkonferansen shows you how to get there – through dozens of super relevant cases from 8 countries! In addition, the conference focuses on seamless customer journeys, relevant customer experiences and data-driven communication. This is what Nordic marketers are most concerned with in 2023. No other conference will give you more professional knowledge that you can take home and immediately transform into real results.

Take part in 60 lectures and 8 workshops, given by hand-picked marketing experts from all over the world. We guarantee that they will fill you up with intriguing user cases, new techniques and inspiration.

Other exciting topics we cover in Dialogkonferansen are: transformation and digital strategies, how to use new technology, martech, content, social media, loyalty programs that work, how to break down silos and build cross-functional teams, artificial intelligence, machine learning and branding. Dialogkonferansen gives you all this – and more😊

After participating in Dialogkonferansen, you can set the bar higher. We simply promise you world class professional input and inspiration. The creators of Dialogkonferansen are Bas Kommunikasjon, Norway’s leading agency in personalized communication. We have organized Dialogkonferansen since 1997. With passion, precision and creativity, we deliver a world class conference.


The programme for 2023 is different

Have you been to Dialogkonferansen before? We have made some major changes – even from last year. Gone is the «The Middleaged Male Keynote Speaker That Worked in a Worldknown Brand 20 Years Ago”. Instead, we have brought in 10 "digital natives"; forward-thinking, young speakers who work in world-renowned brands today, and not 20 years ago. Get excited – we can hardly wait!

In addition, the proportion of female speakers in 2023 is at a record breaking 43% and the average age is somewhere around 40 years. The majority of the participants in Dialogkonferansen are women – and their average age is about the same. It’s a match! 😊

We invited a record number of even younger women and men to the stage – who all have relevant, innovative and groundbreaking digital messages they will present in a 20-minute format. You can look forward to a total of 16 presentations from this group.

Don’t miss out on the all-new track: «For the Greater Good». Here, a selection of presentations will be given from organizations who have a more important purpose than most. The Norwegian Armed Forces, ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and Vinmonopolet are three examples of those with an important social mission.

Finally, we must admit that when Global Director Portfolio & Innovation Elin Furelid from the world’s strongest Swedish brand, Absolut Vodka, finishes her lecture on Monday afternoon, an Absolut Cocktail will of course be served. Living the brand!


Does your boss need some convincing to let you attend Dialogkonferansen? Here are the arguments you need!

“I have attended for two years and it’s absolutely the best conference within loyalty in the Nordics” Pernilla Persson, Head of CRM, Ikano Bank

You learn from the best, those who are the most relevant to you. 90% of the people on stage at Dialogkonferansen are just like you, only they are much further along – and have already solved the challenges you now have. Over 50 speakers who work with CX/CRM/digital marketing in 9 countries. They work in industries such as banking, finance, telecom, retail, entertainment, tourism, e-commerce, groceries, cars, energy, games, media, etc. You will often learn just as much from listening to someone in another industry, as from your own.

All day, every day, you will be able to get lectures that give you concrete tips, tools, cases, solutions, campaigns, strategies, techniques and processes that you can take straight home and apply to your work. Every year we get tons of feedback from the participants about the extremely high utility value the conference provides.

Dialogkonferansen has workshops nonstop, from Sunday morning to Tuesday night. In these workshops you can really og deep and gain knowledge, insight and expertise that you can utilize to increase your marketing ROI.

Dialogkonferansen is the industry's main arena for networking and getting to know others with the same job as you. Here, you can build a unique and incredibly valuable network. You will meet people you can discuss and spar with as well as learn from – both during the conference and beyond.

Dialogkonferansen is an all-inclusive conference. One price, which covers the entire professional program, all meals and even the entire social program, from 8 in the morning until late at night. The advantage is that the conference does not close down at 4 p.m. Accordingly, you solve your professional challenges just as well at 9 p.m. as at 9 a.m. Non-stop learning and replenishment. And yes, of course you can talk to a speaker. Most are present during the entire conference, even at dinner.

Many companies send their entire CRM/marketing department to Dialogkonferansen, and they often get a group discount. We can provide you with a meeting room free of charge and thus the team can have their marketing meeting during Dialogkonferansen. Many companies seize the opportunity every year and use Dialogkonferansen as a regular arena to both learn and plan for the autumn. They make it a fixed part of their training budget!

Dear boss. Please allow me to attend Dialogkonferansen. Or even better: join in!