From Insights to Impact: Leveraging Data to build Marketing Strategies

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Wednesday 10:40 AM - 11:10 AM

Language: English

Learn to leverage customer insights, real-life stories on defining KPIs with data, and discover the synergy of a data-driven mindset for efficient teams. In this session, attendees will be inspired on how to strategically use customer insights to feed marketing strategy. They will gain a glimpse into the practical applications of leveraging data/research, demonstrating how it can catalyze business growth. Lastly, they will uncover the intricate correlation between cultivating a data-driven mindset, harnessing a collective skillset, and fostering the development of highly efficient marketing teams. During this session, attendees can expect to:

  • Learn how to leverage customer insights and product analytics to back up marketing strategies
  • Get inspired with real-life stories on how to use data to help define business KPIS
  • Discover the correlation between a data-drive mindset, collective skillset and efficient marketing teams


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Silvia Román

Sr. Product Marketing Manager,

Silvia Román, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at, drives B2B product initiatives from discovery to launch, fostering business value. With 10+ years' expertise in EdTech and B2B SaaS, she excels in growth & product marketing, favoring strategic involvement. As an advocate for the global Product Marketing community, she champions customer-centric product development and contributes to redefining leadership as Chair of the Lean In Network Netherlands Randstad, empowering women for an equitable world.

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