The Content Marketing Landscape and whats next?

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  • Exploring why Interactive content is king.
  • Why Video is essential for content strategy.
  • Voice search is on the rise – how to Optimise your content to stay ahead of the game.
  • Personalization is key: tailored content for audience’s interests to increase engagement and conversions.

This team builds awareness and thought leadership by elevating technology stories in the digital channels, drives growth in new and existing customers, creates and captures market demand via digital, traditional and account-based marketing strategies, and most of all, experiments, learns, and continually innovates to conquer the hearts and wallets of audiences.


Zsuzsanna Blau

Global Head of Digital Demand and Campaign Management, Nokia

Zsuzsanna is heading up a now 20-strong global demand generation function of campaign management, MarComms, content, lead gen, and digital channel specialists for Nokia's growth engine, our 3.2 Billion Euro Cloud and Network Services software business.

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