Tom Hall

Tom Hall

Lonely Planet

Tom Hall is a Vice President at Lonely Planet and is a well-known and respected expert voice on travel and tourism. As well as guiding Lonely Planet's post-pandemic strategy Tom has spent the past two years writing and speaking on how travel and tourism manages life after COVID. He is a long-time contributor to dozens of publications including the new guide to Train Travel in Europe and Low Carbon Europe, both titles aimed at encouraging more sustainable forms of travel. He also writes for The Guardian and many travel magazines and websites. Tom is a regular voice covering travel on CNN, BBC News, Sky News, BBC Radio 5 live and many other national and international broadcasters where he has given advice and context on issues affecting tourism from volcanic eruptions to economic crises. Tom's home city is London, where he swims in cold water for fun.

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Lonely Planet is the world’s leading travel authority, with a massive global audience, a unique range of travel products and established one of today’s most iconic and loved travel brands.


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