Marianne Colding Oxholm

Hobbii, Danmark

Marianne is a passionated CRM specialist with great experience throughout both on- and offline marketing and leadership. She has more than 12 years worked with CRM/omni-channel and is passionate about leads and customers and giving them the attention and appreciation that they deserve. She is also a strategic and commercial marketing leader. Driven by KPI's, powered by strong leadership skills and team playing with a competitive mind and digital focus.

By truly understanding the customers, using available data and exploiting the strength of different platforms and channels, she believes that meaningful communication will occur which will lead to increased loyalty and revenue.

About Hobbii

Hobbii is a Tech Scale-up andall about Yarn 🧶 and is today the fastest-growing company in Denmark. They shipped 1,5 million parcels last year to yarn lovers all over the globe and opened 8 retail stores across Denmark and Germany. By building digital offerings from scratch and continue to delight customers - and quietly revolutionise the industry.


Opskriften på at sælge garn for millioner til hele verden

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