How McDonald's leverages insights and analytics to maintain customer centricity

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Monday 08:20 AM - 08:50 AM

Language: English

Leveraging data insights and analytics improves decision-making processes, enabling simpler, more standardized, and more coordinated decision-making across the enterprise. In a large, global enterprise, however, cultural differences must be accounted for, and full standardization is not always beneficial. Taking a culturally sensitive, customer centric and data driven approach to decision-making can be the key to remaining agile and delighting customers and business leaders alike.

With McDonald’s serving over 69 million customers per day, a huge amount of internal data is available for analysis. The key to unlocking customer sentiment and staying ahead of the curve, however, is consulting diverse data sources. Tapping into social media provides McDonald’s with vast public data, enriching the company’s own data and broadening its understanding of a highly varied customer base. It is through data and analytics, spanning multiple channels, that McDonald’s is able to prioritize customer needs and business agility across the world.

Join this session to learn more about:

  • How to leverage insights and analytics in customer-focused decision making.
  • Approaching the challenge of remaining agile in a large global enterprise.
  • Data diversity and how this unlocks customer sentiment and illuminates solutions.


Harvey Turner

Global Insight & Analytics Manager, McDonald’s

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