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Handle with (I´don’t) Care

Marketing Trends

When: Monday kl. 14:25 - 14:45
Language: Norwegian

In our era of visual pollution and digital opportunities, it might be harder than ever to actually make an impact that sticks. Sometimes we, as marketers, need to acknowledge this and create the unexpected simple proof of the product benefit.

In this key note, we will showcase and discuss the case-study for our low budget campaign “Handle with I don’t care” for Strahl. Strahl is a manufacturer of glass made of polycarbonate. A material that looks just like glass, but won't shatter.

“Handle with I don’t care” is a campaign where digital ads are replaced with a tangible, yet convincing message, sent directly by mail. The campaign has been recognized with a silver Cannes Lion, silver in New York festival, and a gold award in the Epica Awards. The case has also been celebrated as the best direct campaign in Norway, by the BRING DM jury at the Gullblyanten awards.

  • This presentation will be short, to the point, and focus on the creative problemsolving behind a very specific brief.
  • The presentation aim to inspire you to think differently when faced with “small budget B2B briefs”, both from the media, market and agency side of the industry.


Doffen Trellevik

Creative Director, Apriil

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