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Fighting Churn with Data

Marketing Science

When: Tuesday kl. 15:00 - 15:40
Language: English

  • Spot the user behavior that is most predictive of churn
  • Plan a churn reduction strategy including customer segmentation
  • Take your fight against churn to the next level with automated testing and AI

Don’t let your hard-won customers vanish, taking their money with them. In Fighting Churn with Data you’ll learn powerful data-driven techniques to maximize customer retention and minimize actions that cause them to stop engaging or unsubscribe altogether. This hands-on session is packed with techniques for converting raw data into measurable metrics, testing hypotheses, and presenting findings that are easily understandable to non-technical decision makers. If you already have a solid data foundation, learn about taking your fight against churn to the next level using machine learning and AI to automate experimentation.


Carl Gold

Carl Gold, PhD

Director of Machine Learning Implementation,

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