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Enrich not Exploit (it’s in our hands)

Keynote – World Class CX

When: Monday kl. 09:45 - 10:15
Language: English

This speech is about creating a culture of agile innovation, hard wiring a consumer focus and transforming sustainability into true competitive advantage.

Jeremy Schwartz of The Body Shop is a strong advocate of innovation as a principal driver of business growth, and believes companies must apply innovation to drive the sustainability agenda as part of a business growth and profitability strategy.

At The Body Shop, Jeremy spearheaded a reinvention of the companies sustainability agenda with a new commitment named: “Enrich not Exploit (it’s in our hands)” which aims to talk and connect with consumers, employees and stakeholders all together. The Body Shop recently won the World Retail Awards for Responsible Retailer on the back of this new business model.

Amusingly, and importantly, at Sainsbury’s, Jeremy launched an entry level range of products which reached sales of £400m using all the “different shapes and sizes” of vegetables and fruit which were previously discarded for lack of uniformity required in mainstream supermarket produce.


Jeremy Schwartz

Former Chairman and CEO, The Body Shop

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