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Embracing technology to connect with youth

Keynote – World Class CX

When: Monday kl. 09:00 - 09:30
Language: English

The post-pandemic era has brought a new normal in customer experience (CX). Therefore, a customer experience strategy recalibration was necessary for Desperados to meet the new generation's needs. 

We knew that brands that offer Meaningfully Different experiences stand apart from competitors, are seen as innovative, and are more likely to create an emotional bond with their customers. Therefore, we onboarded on a comprehensive strategy that considers the needs and expectations of our customers at every letting loose touchpoint. Making an obsession to understand their needs when they party indoors, go on a night out or party at festivals.

We followed five key principles to guide us through this process:

Firstly, we mapped out different journeys and identified the intrinsic needs of our consumers. This allowed us to understand how we could improve their experience.

Secondly, we aimed for personalization and exclusivity by tailoring the experience to everyone’s preferences and behavior. 

Thirdly, we needed to think community first, providing features that allow youth to connect with others who share their interests and concerns.

Fourthly, we incorporated gamification to keep youth engaged and made use of all the tools that make games fun and engaging, applying them to real-world party experiences. 

Lastly, we continuously gather feedback using real-time data, community research, surveys, and other tools to improve our CX platform and act on feedback quickly.

Developing a mobile app as a CX platform allowed us to provide personalized, gamified, and community-first experiences to connect with youth effectively, while location-based features, first party data or push notifications have helped us to be more relevant in moments that matter for consumers. 

Join me to discover the steps we took to transform the way we connect with youth, moving from physical events to experiences that embrace technology, innovation, and creativity.

3 bullet points:

  • Shifting brand strategy from physical events to digital consumer experiences.
  • Building CX with empathy, thinking about meaning before anything else.
  • Ticking all the boxes relevant for gen Z: epic meaning, personalization, exclusivity, and community first.


Bianca Cioti

Global Brand Manager, Desperados Heineken

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