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Can You Provide Your Customer With What They Want Before They Ask for It?

Keynote - Brand Stars

When: Wednesday kl. 09:10 - 09:40
Language: English

Given the staggering amount of data being collected from your customers, there should be something you can do to take that data and turn it into strategic prescriptive plans that will streamline the customer experience without the customer even knowing. Rather than just constantly reacting to complaints from your customers, this session will discuss how you can be moving from lagging indicators to leading indicators:

  • Get beyond the ‘problem whack-a-mole’ world by moving from lagging indicators to leading indicators
  • Create an intentional, designed experience with the right controls
  • Strategies for tracking and mapping those controls and getting employees connect to the metrics
  • Implementing an accountability model to incent the experience going well the first time!
  • Managing with leading indicators ongoing


Raj Sivasubramanian

Customer Experience Insights Manager, Airbnb

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