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Yes, we know you live on the 6th floor, but how about that lawn mower insurance anyway?

Best of Loyalty

Når: Tirsdag kl. 15:50 - 16:30
Språk: Engelsk

Tryg is one of the largest insurance companies in the Nordics - also known in Sweden as Moderna and in Norway as Tryg Forsikring.

A long term relationship with their customers require timely and relevant communication throughout the customer life-cycle, and the key component in achieving that is data-driven marketing. Given their product and customer base, Tryg has an abundance of data to base the customer experience on, but gathering and orchestrating data is not an easy task. It is the core challenge that lead many insurance companies to resort to mass communication.

This talk will take you through Tryg’s (ongoing) journey towards personalized communication in every touchpoint across a customer’s life-cycle.



Mads Degn

Head of CRM

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Maria Funder

CRM Consultant

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