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The Black Box Era

The Future

Når: Mandag kl. 17:00 - 17:20
Språk: Norsk

The goals of marketing haven’t changed! Marketing is still meant to get people to choose you over competitors and to sell more. Digital marketing though, is changing the way we work with marketing. Programmatic platforms, trading desks, data sellers, optimizing tools, verification services, etc. fight for the advertising budgets and claim their value and position in the market. As an advertiser you have more options than you can handle and it’s nearly impossible to understand the value of each.

Many intermediary players in the market are in some way a Black Box, meaning that what happens behind the scenes is not transparent to the advertiser, whether it’s the business model, the technology or the audience segments.

Erik Otterberg will in his speech dig deeper into this topic and give actionable insights on how to act in this changing space.


Erik Otterberg


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