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Segmentation, automation and personalization


Når: Tirsdag kl. 15:30 - 18:20
Språk: Engelsk

Automation, segmentation and personalization are buzzwords – but they are also the keys to improving your email marketing ROI in 2019 and beyond!

This is not your usual ‘best practices’ workshop – the interactive exercises, examples, case studies and A/B split test results will provide practical ideas to inspire you, as well as giving you a long term goal as well as short term steps you can take to work toward reaching it.

We’ll walk through how to develop and start building an automated email program to shepherd your email subscribers through the customer lifecycle, from prospect to loyal, multi-purchase customer. You’ll leave with a blueprint to begin reimagining your own email program to recognize greater ongoing ROI without huge investments in staff resources. Join us!


Jeanne Jennings

Founder and Chief Strategist

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