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Drive your business and your brand via voice & digital assistants.

The Future

Når: Tirsdag kl. 11:25 - 12:05
Språk: Svensk

Smart speakers and the use of digital assistants show a record-high growth rate. The technology creates new opportunities to build scalable, automated relationships with your customers and create new behaviors. At the same time, the development leads to a number of issues – how does my brand sound? How should our customers find our solutions within Voice? How can we use Voice as a growth engine for our business?

Listen to the most revolutionary changes in recent times and take part of practical examples of how technology can create real value.

Talking to me is the Nordic region’s first strategic specialized Voice Design agency. The company offers strategic advice on Voice and develops and optimizes voice services and digital assistants. https://www.talkingtome.se/


Kajsa Tretow

Voice Designer

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Diana Mosa

Business Developer

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