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Building the perfect experience for each consumer using data and AI


Når: Mandag kl. 11:00 - 12:00
Språk: Engelsk

Offering a personal and relevant experience to each consumer and prospect is the top priority on every marketer's mind, but also their biggest challenge. The way today's consumers interact and engage with your brand is becoming increasingly complex to understand and predict. The lack of appropriate tools coupled with the desire for immediate results has been cannibalizing the revenue returns of a deeper relationship with each consumer.

Today, this downward-spiral can be avoided! AI-powered automation can help you create a deep relationship and maximize every moment of the overall consumer journey. Come and learn how to create real-time 1:1 personalized experiences for each consumer, while focusing on the overall marketing strategy and letting data and AI manage the execution.


Alexei Kounine

Director of Innovation

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