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Agile Marketing Advantage


Når: Mandag kl. 11:00 - 13:45
Språk: Engelsk

Do you want to join the ranks of cutting-edge marketing teams doing better work in less time using agile marketing practices? Marketing has evolved rapidly in the last decade. The pace is faster. The platforms are more abundant. The martech tools are more powerful… and more complicated. Yet many marketing teams are managing work the same way they always have.

It’s no wonder marketers – stressed out and frustrated – settle for recycling the same old campaigns that produce the same old (and less-than-spectacular) results.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to work. In this workshop, marketing pioneer Andrea Fryrear unlocks the secrets of getting better results by going agile.

Agile Marketing Advantage will cover:

  • Agile vs. traditional marketing. You’ll learn how modern marketing demands an agile process from case studies that juxtapose teams that failed using traditional methods with teams that succeeded using an agile approach. This segment also includes hands-on exercises to illustrate how agile differs from typical work management.

  • Agile methodologies. There are several ways to put agile into practice, and Andrea will reveal the common ones used by marketers, and let you try them out.

  • Roles, leadership, and team structure. Getting the most benefit from agile starts with transforming your org chart. We’ll look at cross-functional teams, silos, and agile leadership… and offer some paths forward regardless of where you’re starting from today.

  • Piloting agile marketing in your organization. Crawling and walking are prerequisites to running. And you’ll leave with the steps needed to roll out agile methods incrementally. Using this approach, implementing a successful pilot program will get you started in a few hours… not months or weeks.


Andrea Fryrear

Agile Marketing Trainer and Coach

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