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A good welcome is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Marketing Science

Når: Tirsdag kl. 12:20 - 13:00
Språk: Dansk

Egmont know that in all good stories, the opening has to hook you, or you will never stick around for a happy ending. The same goes with a customer relationship: Already at the beginning of the customer lifecycle, you have to think retention. That’s why the ability to create and execute data-driven and personalised welcome flows are crucial to Egmont Publishing.

For a subscription business, the most critical stage of the customer relationship is the moment when the trial period expires, and the subscriber becomes a fully paying customer or churns.

During the trial period, Egmont Publishing is sending personalised and relevant content based on the profile data as well as behavioural data. And the personalisation effort clearly pays off as churn is reduced by 22%.


Dorte Karlsson

Head of Data & Insight

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