Zvi Goldstein

CMO, Interflora, Denmark

Zvi Goldstein -  DK2018

Customer Engagement as a Differentiator - From Blank Canvas to Data-Driven Experiences

Interflora Denmark went from near-monopoly to facing intense competition in less than 12 months. Interflora chose customer experience as its battleground and data-driven engagement as its weapon of choice.

Zvi Goldstein joined Interflora Denmark as Chief Marketing Officer in 2016 following more than 10 years with various media agencies, including 2 years as Chief Strategy Officer at Mediacom. Zvi had been advising Interflora as a client for several years before formally joining the ranks and has been instrumental in taking the Interflora brand to its current heights, first as an external advisor and since as the formal brand owner and guardian..

Peter Therkildsen Schlegel has been with Responsive since 2015 following more than 10 years working at the intersection of marketing and technology. Peter has led high-growth technology companies and been part of crafting solutions that combine thorough understanding of his client’s business, cutting-edge technology and advanced data analytics to deliver outstanding results. At Responsive Peter is also a strategic advisor to Interflora and overall responsible for the collaboration.

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