Olivier Poivey

Co-founder and Partner, ONE Marketing AS, Denmark

Olivier Poivey -  DK2018

Automated Personalisation Case Story: DR Koncerthuset

The presentation will give great insights on the use of Artificial Intelligence as key for Offer Recommendation and on Response Prediction based on Machine Learning, having a well-documented case at its base, with tangible results. The case will enclose DR Koncerthuset’s story on the roadmap to success, starting from the initial challenges, and moving towards the experienced business impact and next steps in achieving fully-automated one-to-one communication between the business and end-customers.

ONE Marketing supports Nordic businesses in guiding, optimizing and enabling personalized, data-driven communication across multiple channels. ONE consists of a team of super skilled, digitally savy solution architects and marketers who are passionate about working with cutting edge technologies to help businesses achieve authentic, true one-to-one communication. ONE focuses on achieving tangible business results for their clients facilitated through an agile, innovative culture, where people and technology are put first.

Speaker info: Anne Buchwald, Senior CRM Manager

Anne has spent the last 10 years implementing CRM in large organizations in Scandinavia. She is the project lead behind the implementation of CRM in DR Koncerthuset. Creating a whole new data driven CEM-approach with major success she has increased both responses, permissions and sales explosively and set whole new standards within the national venues. Now Anne is focusing on the use of AI as part of CRM, automatization, integrations and the use of data for personalization and segmentation on digital platforms to generate even higher loyalty and sales.

Speaker info: Olivier Poivey, CEO at ONE Marketing

Olivier was a pioneer in data-driven marketing when he co-founded ONE Marketing 13 years ago. Since then he has advised companies such as Aller Media, Falck, Viasat, Telia in how to improve the business case of one-to-one communication by using data and technology – while establishing ONE Marketing as one of the leading Marketing Automation agencies in the region. The passion is intact and the journey continues! He and the team are damn’ sure that Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will dramatically improve response and conversion. Let’s prove it!

Hvor: Room 3

Når:Mandag 10:30-11:10


Track:Brands, meet AI

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