Monique Elliot

Chief Marketing Officer, ABB Electrification Products, USA

Monique Elliot -  DK2018

From Friction to Fusion: How Marketers Innovate in Traditional Industries

Monique will discuss the importance of embracing both external customer resistance and internal organizational friction to create new ways of doing business and advancing innovation. Learn how a 130-year old traditional manufacturing company pivoted to adopt innovative B2C ecommerce strategies and technology by infusing a non-traditional approach strategic marketing. Also explore the evolving role of the Chief Strategist and CMO and discuss what new skill sets are valued, how does technology change the game and what new organizational structures are on the horizon.

Monique is the Chief Marketing Officer at ABB Electrification Products, Industrial Solutions, responsible for all areas of marketing including customer experience, digital marketing, demand generation, eCommerce, product marketing, analytics and strategic planning. Monique joined ABB in 2018 through the acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions where she was the Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to her current role, Monique was the Global Head of Digital Commerce at GE Power. In this role she was responsible for driving customer growth and expanded market coverage with contemporary online solutions. In 2011, Monique was the Strategic Marketing Director at GE Capital Americas responsible for growth and innovation.

Hvor: Room 3

Når:Onsdag 07:30-08:15