Erica Eden

Director of Global Design Innovation, PepsiCo, USA

Erica Eden -  DK2018

Women Are Not Robots - A Case for a Human Approach to Innovation

If you take a look women’s innovation, it won’t take long to be disappointed. Women are treated like robots - cold machines that only respond to hot pink and high protein. It’s time to make a change and innovate for tribes, not robots. Tribes are real groups of women with shared interest and aspirational lifestyles - a far more human design strategy.

Erica is a strategic thinker and have helped PepsiCo innovate for women by understanding what to make, why it matters and how to connect with design. She founded Femme Den - the first design lab for female consumers. She holds 20+ patents and has been featured on ABC News and in Fast Company, The New York Times, ID magazine, Blueprint and other media.

Hvor: Main Stage

Når:Onsdag 06:30-7:15



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