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Winning Customer Trust & Loyalty

Marketing Trends

When: Monday kl. 12:45 - 13:05
Language: English

Winning Customer Trust & Loyalty: Removing Data Blindspots for a Connected Experiences Beyond Marketing

With customer experience as a key element in harnessing loyalty to brands, businesses are riding the waves of digital transformation to make the most of data in supporting their customer experience strategies. This expands to another world of available information, however, businesses must act to eliminate silos and create effective channels of communication - or risk missing out on critical intelligence about their customers and operations.

In this session, we will discuss how to:

  • How to make the most of increasingly comprehensive insights from an ever-growing data pool spanning the entire organization
  • What are the blind spots that hinder an efficient CX strategy and the creation of a truly holistic view of customers
  • Use data as a connector to bring disparate parts of businesses together to earn loyalty by providing a frictionless CX and pre-empting customer needs


David De Giglio

Head of Sales, Nordics , Treasure Data

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Casper Andersen

Senior Solution Consultant, Treasure Data

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