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The power of Data and Loyalty

Best of Loyalty

When: Tuesday kl. 14:10 - 14:50
Language: Norwegian

Varner is one of the largest fashion retail players in the Nordics, represented by Brands such as Cubus, Dressmann, Bik Bok, Volt, Carlings and Junkyard.

Loyalty and customer insight is key to future growth in Varner, and with 6,5 million members in their loyalty programs, Varner have seen the effect and power of data and loyalty through the pandemic.

  • How have they achieved an average 80 % identified purchase rate?
  • What's been the effect of their loyalty programs so far?
  • What's their key learnings?
  • What's their plan for utilising data and create personalised customer experiences in the years to come?


Erica Munthe-Kaas

Erica Munthe-Kaas

CRM Marketing Commercial Lead, Varner

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Jørgen Sando

Jørgen Sando

CRM & Customer Insight Manager, Varner

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