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Stand Out From The Crowd & Cut-Through With Dynamic, Fresh & Relevant Content That Fuels Increased Email Engagement

The Future of Digital Marketing

When: Tuesday kl. 09:20 - 09:40
Language: English

  • The power of the crowd! Keep up with the viral content which isn’t driven by businesses to examine exactly what catchy, appetising and impactful content customers of today want tomorrow

  • ‘Surprise and delight’ or ‘points make prizes’ – nurture customer relations within your content to retain loyal customers and dramatically improve sale conversions

  • Segment and tailor your audience to guarantee that the right content with the right relevancy is delivered across the board to increase engagement

  • Focus attention on the accessibility of your content, how does your email look on a phone in dark mode? And is your content and language clear enough for transcribing services to read aloud to name?

  • What is the most engaging piece of your content? The email, video, gifs… discover creative, meaningful and engaging email formats and templates certain to capture attention


Mina Bastawros

VP Creative & Digital Marketing, Airbus

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