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Rebel Energy


When: Wednesday kl. 10:40 - 11:10
Language: English

Clean energy is the defining issue of our time, and the energy industry has incredible change-making capacity.

The challenges of our industry are not simply the issues of generation and storage — but how to distribute clean energy thoughtfully, ethically, equitably.

Penelope entered the energy market from a background of entrepreneurship and capital raising. Nurturing companies in growth sectors, she observed a new genre of business emerged: the conscious enterprise, or B-Corp. These businesses proved to be powerful change-makers in their fields. And they can be uniquely powerful in our industry, where social and environmental issues are intertwined.

With the biggest challenges come the biggest opportunities. There is extraordinary talent in the energy market right now, and it is our job to galvanise that talent to create real, lasting change. We need enthusiastic, thoughtful, mission-led, people-based leadership.


Penelope Hope

Co-Founder О̄vluna / Rebel Energy, Rebel Energy

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