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How to build powerful brands


When: Wednesday kl. 09:00 - 09:40
Language: English

Brad Jakeman is the former president of PepsiCo Global Beverage Group, where he led global strategy, brand building, design, advertising, marketing, innovation and branded content for PepsiCo’s 22 Billion Dollar brands, such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Mirinda and 7UP. His speech will be about:

  • How to develop category-disruptive innovation ideas and marketing programs that challenge the status quo and build famous, world-class brands
  • Campaign, strategies, examples from his career at PepsiCo
  • Experiences from launching the brand’s first truly global, synchronized advertising campaign featuring Beyoncé, as well as the biggest global football campaign in the brand’s history


Brad Jakeman

Brad Jakeman

Former President, PepsiCo Global Beverage Group

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