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Breaking the impossible


When: Tuesday kl. 08:45 - 09:25
Language: English

Imagine you spent 10 years with a team, designing, building, testing, tweaking, retesting and retweaking a six-wheeled rover that now is entering the atmosphere of Mars. You’re leading NASA’s latest mission, and the rover is now getting ready to land on its own.

In seven minutes - called “the seven minutes of terror” - you will know if the product you spent 10 years building will successfully land on Mars or splat. Nerve-wracking? Ask the man who led the team, Adam Steltzner. He is recognized as one of NASA’s leading and most unique innovators. At Dialogkonferansen, he will share:

  • What it takes to lead complex teams and embrace the power of curiosity to do what others say is impossible
  • How you harness the power of curiosity to spark innovation and collaborative leadership across your entire organization
  • How to balance measured risk, confidence and an unfettered “what if…?” when confronted with a seemingly monumental task


Adam Steltzner

Team Leader & Chief Engineer EDL

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